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mcp_sql00 database monitoring: latest 24 hours report

Report generated by mycheckpoint on Nov 4th 2010, 10:07. Revision: 0, build: 0. MySQL version: 5.1.50
The charts on this report are generated locally and do not send data over the net. Click the [url] links to view Google image charts.
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InnoDB & I/O [top]

innodb read hit percent [url] [zoom]

innodb io [url] [zoom]

bytes io [url] [zoom]

Questions [top]

DML [url] [zoom]

questions [url] [zoom]

tmp tables [url] [zoom]

Resources [top]

connections psec [url] [zoom]

threads created psec [url] [zoom]

opened tables psec [url] [zoom]

Caches [top]

myisam key hit [url] [zoom]

thread cache use [url] [zoom]

table cache use [url] [zoom]

Vitals [top]

seconds behind master [url] [zoom]

connections usage [url] [zoom]

uptime percent [url] [zoom]

OS [top]

os memory [url] [zoom]

os cpu utilization percent [url] [zoom]

os loadavg [url] [zoom]


os page io [url] [zoom]

os swap io [url] [zoom]

os mountpoints usage percent [url] [zoom]

Custom [top]

Number of pending rentals [url] [zoom]

Rentals rate [url] [zoom]

Downloads rate [url] [zoom]